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Stop worrying about different file formats...
Equip PDF production capability in your Windows Explorer.

With File to PDF, produce instant PDFs from any files or folders within the comfort and ease of your Windows Explorer i.e.,
just right-click any files or folder to convert to PDF.

Generate PDFs from 120+ popular file types including archived/compressed ZIP file, Email files (MSG or EML), multipage TIFF or Fax, Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any image formats including all known camera RAW formats.

With security features such as ability to add
watermark, user password and set permissions to PDF contents, File to PDF is ideal for users who are looking for powerful, yet easy and affordable PDF creation.


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And the PDF benefits...
Turning your documents to PDF format makes them portable, smaller, searchable and generally easier to view, print, store and share, independent of application software, hardware and operating systems. This makes PDF the most usable and suitable format for all types of business presentations. 'File to PDF' app brings this versatility of PDF right in your in Windows Explorer - all these and more without any print driver or expensive Acrobat software.

Highlights: (Latest version: v2.0 released on 14th January 2019 - release note)


Seamless integration with Windows Explorer Shell Interface


Convert files or folder to PDF quickly.


Convert ZIP to PDF


Convert multipage TIFF to PDF


Convert Email MSG or EML files along with their attachments to PDF


Combine multiple files to one PDF file


Add Table of Contents and Bookmarks in PDF


Apply watermark image or text to PDF (i.e., company name)


Secure PDF documents by setting a user password for viewing


Set security restrictions to PDF documents such as ability to edit or print


Process multiple files or folders in batch mode and export to multiple PDF documents.


Append (concatenate) files of different types and formats to an existing PDF file


Supports conversion of 120 or more different formats to PDF.


Works with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit). Windows Server supported.

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Have any questions?
Email us: support@assistmyteam.net

Purpose of this App...

Ever felt if there was an easier, simpler way to generate PDF version of your files (e.g., images, camera RAWs, office documents, faxes, emails, archived ZIP) right from your Windows Explorer environment without utilizing expensive PDF producer suites or having to go through multiple steps (i.e., load the document in its associated desktop software and either save it to PDF or printing with a PDF driver)? Needless to say, not only the process is time consuming, you will need to have the different software apps installed to work with different document types. And what if you have a situation where you need to present or share a project idea, say in the form of PowerPoint slides, JPEG or TIFF images, Web pages, Excel sheets across teams, devices or regions. Imagine if there was a simpler way to have all of these different documents together in single one PDF, each document correctly sequenced/ordered/bookmarked and watermarked with your logo or company name - making it much easier to collate and share. You might be able to achieve it with professional PDF authoring tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PhantomPDF. However, these are not only complex to learn and use, but also require a subscription to the whole eco-system which is quite an expensive investment. File to PDF app is designed to bridge this gap to provide you with the quickest and simplest PDF solution at a fraction of the cost.

Convert all files under folder to PDF Convert all files under Zip to PDF


Combining multiple documents to one PDF file

Multiple documents naturally belong together, such as quotation, sales order and invoice, or an email and its attachments. Combining such documents to a single one PDF file makes it easy to see their relationship. Such arrangements can also reduce hindrance of dealing with multiple documents, for instance, on a project, as well as reduce the number of proprietary software apps required for opening and extracting information from different document types. Moreover, fewer documents means less management overhead for the IT team.

With File to PDF app, generating a single one pdf file out of your multiple documents of different types is as easy as selecting those documents in your Windows Explorer and clicking 'Combine to One Pdf' from the context menu.

And what you get is a one pdf file containing those selected documents in the sequence you have selected - all converted to pdf format themselves. Table of Contents or bookmarks are also automatically added to the final one pdf file for easy reference of individual document.


Learn more...
bullet Generate PDF from a file (office docs, images etc.)
bullet Generate PDF from an archived ZIP file
bullet Generate PDF from a multipage TIFF file
bullet Generate PDF from an Email MSG or EML file
bullet Generate PDF in batch from multiple files
bullet Generate PDF from a folder
bullet Combine multiple files to one PDF file
bullet Add or append files to an existing PDF file
bullet Email files as PDF attachments on the fly, in a single click
bullet Add Watermark (logo or brand) to PDF
bullet Add PDF security options - Create User Password and permissions
bullet Control and tweak the PDF output
bullet 120+ supported file formats for PDF conversion


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