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Team-centric Solutions

realize the power of your team in a matter of minutes, by adopting a centralized, collaborative and cost-effective solution that integrates with your business workflow and leverages your existing infrastructure.

About the Founder

Bahrur Rahman founded AssistMyTeam in 2010 to help organizations attain efficiency and productivity, through integration of their business processes, and automation of their service value chain with Microsoft software infrastructure, such as Office, Exchange or SharePoint. With over 15 years of extensive software development and design of business and expert systems, his significant industry experience includes applications of CRM and ERP solutions on Microsoft Office and SharePoint platforms, Image and Signal Processing, OLAP and Business Intelligence. Prior to AssistMyTeam, Bahrur served as the CTO at kalmstrom Business Solutions where he headed the development, testing and technical support teams. He was instrumental in the development of the company's product strategies, staffs training, brand building and customer support and retention programs.


Early on, from extensive consulting career, Bahrur realized the inherent complexities and limitation faced by many organizations and teams in trying to integrate and streamline their in housed business workflows with Microsoft Office applications and SharePoint. Lack of the necessary technical and programming skills to design and develop such solutions, devoid most organizations from capitalizing and using the full strength and power of Microsoft Office and SharePoint technologies. While other organizations hire IT workforces or outsource it to deal with such implementation. As such, the cost to the organizations for such integrated solutions often goes high, even offsetting the benefit of using such systems, at the first place.

Because of this lack of simple, affordable and turnkey business applications on Microsoft Office, Exchange and SharePoint platforms, Bahrur took this as a challenge and opportunity and founded AssistMyTeam to offer a range of enterprise level groupware and productivity applications with out-of-the-box, 'plug and play' integration in the following areas:

bullet Customer Relationship Management
bullet Human Resource Management
bullet Content Management
bullet Document Management
bullet Project Management
bullet Change Management
bullet Incident Management
bullet Business Intelligence
bullet Expert Systems

Today, Bahrur's software products and solutions are being adopted and used by many businesses and organizations including fortune 500 companies, government agencies and universities around the globe. He is considered a subject matter expert in the areas of Microsoft Outlook and its integration with Exchange and SharePoint, and is often called upon to assist many organizations and teams to address their in-house process integration issue. Bahrur's vision and commitment for simple and easy business solutions on Office and SharePoint platforms is reflected in his very attitude and relentless pursuit of excellence that characterized his professional career.

"The name 'Assist My Team' captures our spirit to deliver unique, affordable and 'plug n play' solutions for your teams to achieve your business goals. This is a work in progress, still very young and in some respects immature and raw. Yet, the zeal to improvise and optimize through constant feedback and support from early adopters is enduring, ever more rewarding and this is the spirit we instill in our products." - Bahrur Rahman.

Bahrur graduated with a master degree in Information Science from the University of New South Wales. Bahrur believes strongly in supporting educational institutions, charity and non-profit organizations throughout the world, and offers the 'Academic, Non-profit and MVP License Programs' which enable academic institutions & universities, non-profit organizations to use his software for free.

In his spare time, Bahrur loves to play tennis, talk and indulge cars, for that matter, anything on wheels, and can be found obsessing about cooking and photography


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