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Attachment management add-in for Microsoft® Outlook® that makes it very easy and effortless to export all attachments from emails to a file folder and use hyperlinks in the email to access the associated attachment files.
Attachment Manager for Outlook can automatically detach attachments and embedded images from your emails and save them to a file folder and then hyperlink them up within the email for easy reference and retrieval. This reduces your Inbox size and makes Outlook run much faster and also remove the requirement for constantly archiving emails.


Note: You can also refer to the video demonstration hosted on our site here

Highlights: (Latest version: v4.3 released on 3rd September 2018 - release note)


Seamless integration with Microsoft® Outlook*


Detach attachments from emails to a global file folder, or optionally, choose a folder at runtime.


Define separate attachment file folder for each Outlook folder.


Automatically detach or delete attachments from the copy of emails present in the Sent Items folder.


Filter out certain attachments with specific extensions from detaching


Preserves inline images and hyperlinks in the processed email.


Re-attach files back to the original email.


Monitors multiple folders and mailboxes for incoming emails and automatically detach attachments.


More efficient. Significantly reduce your Inbox size so that your Outlook is more efficient to startup, browse, search and index.


No hassle. No need to copy over a big PST file when switching to a new PC.


Accessible anywhere. Read you attachments even when you are on the plane.


Optionally delete the associated file attachments when deleting an email. Asks you if you want to delete the attachment if deleting an email


Remove the URL or re-attach related files when replying or forwarding the email


Keep the size of your mailbox on the server well within the allowed limit.


Retains the attachment clip icon in the Outlook folder view, even after detaching all the attachments of the email.


Special MSI installer available for enterprise wide deployment (Available to Enterprise License only)


Support for pre-configuration of settings and pushing to multiple systems (Available to Enterprise License only)


Works with Office 2016 32-bit and 64-bit


Supports the following languages - English, Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish NEW

* Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 (both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported).

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Works with


30 days trial

Available in multiple languages

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Perpetual License is valid life-time. However, technical assistance and free upgrades are bound to the validity of the Support and Maintenance Contract

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Purpose of this add-in

Most e-mail accounts include a mailbox or account storage limit. And in 90% of the case, this limit is breached primarily by the presence of attachments, ranging from small Kilobytes to large Megabytes, and even in hundred Megabytes.
There is also a problem with redundant attachments being accumulated in the Sent Items folder because a copy of each message that you send is saved underneath it. This not only fills up the recipient's mailbox but also increases the file size of Outlook data file and mailbox. Unfortunately, t
he world's most popular email client  - Microsoft Outlook is still devoid of an effective mechanism for mailbox/Outlook PST size optimization.


How does it work?

The solution to frequent mailbox limit breach is not 'Archiving', but to do away and disconnect attachments from the mail items altogether, and store them externally from Outlook, and still maintain the hard link between the mail and their associated attachments. Besides, mailbox space are pretty expensive when compared to a local disk, and files and documents load up faster from local folder too than in Outlook. So this advantage itself favours the argument for moving attachments away from Outlook. But, if you had expected Microsoft Outlook would offer a wizard or tool to do just this, then you are in for a big surprise. There is no such feature built-in to Microsoft Outlook.


Attachment Manager add-in for Outlook is designed to bridge this gap by performing the detachment and storage of attachments outside of Outlook with complete user transparency, and yet still offer seamless integration of external attachments to emails in Outlook. It not only helps you to save precious space on your PST or Exchange mailbox, but also contributes in making Outlook run much faster with better performance, and removes the requirement for constantly archiving duties. Furthermore, at times when there is a need to move the attachments back to original mail item, like when replying or forwarding, Attachment Manager can automatically re-attach the associated files from the local disk back to the original email.

Attachment Manager ribbon in Outlook 2016

Screenshot: Attachment Manager Context Menu in Outlook 2016


Detach or strip down attachments

If you have emails with attachments and embedded images, you can simply select them and use the detach function of the Attachment Manager addin to strip down all attachments from the email item, and then export them to a file folder and at the same time, leaving behind the hard links of the files in the email itself, for easy retrieval and access.


Screenshot: Inbox folder just before detaching the attachments of the selected email


Screenshot: Inbox folder with the processed email after the attachments are detached



Re-attach related files back to the email

If you want all the attachments back to the email item, you can simply use the 'Re-Attach' function of the add-in to put back all the related files from the file folder to the email, in the original condition. The hard links from the body description will also be automatically removed.


Screenshot: Inbox folder with the re-attached files back in the email as attachments

Automatic detaching of attachments from emails

Don't want to manually detach attachments from your emails? You can allow Attachment Manager addin to monitor and track any number of mail-enabled folders and mailboxes for incoming emails and then detach attachments to a file folder and link them up within the emails. All these are done seamlessly within Outlook and users will not even be aware of it.


Just navigate to the Inbox or Outlook folder where you want the to apply the automation. And click 'Folder & Auto Option' button. And that would prompt you with a dialog box where you can choose the destination folders (to place the detached files). You will also need to enable the 2nd option 'Automatically detach attachments when new Outlook item is received' under the 'Automation' section.

Screenshot: E-mail monitoring settings on Outlook folders and mailboxes

You will perform the same steps above for every Inbox or Outlook folders where you want to automate the detachment of files from incoming emails.

Selective detaching of attachments based on extension

Have any attachment type that you want to retain in Outlook? You can define your own list of file extensions and set Attachment Manager addin to only skip detaching attachments having that extensions.


Screenshot: The file extensions settings for selective detaching of attachments



Control over the output

Want more control over the output? Attachment Manager provides you the flexibility to customize naming scheme, refer links and location under processed emails, specify output folder etc.




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Experiencing sluggish performance of Microsoft Outlook, email taking a long time to open or delivered, exceeded the mailbox size restriction?

Read our Founder's Blog on how you can use Attachment Manager for Outlook to ensure your business is not affected by these factors.


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