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Licensing & subscription for the Enterprise

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Enterprise volume licensing is available for most of our products. Such licenses allow unlimited use of our particular product within an organization i.e., install and use the functionality of our product to any number of workstations, by any number of users.


We have two kinds of enterprise licensing based on the geographical reach of the organization:

Country Enterprise License (CEL)

Ideal for an organization operating within a country, with one or more offices/branches or locations, all falling under one company name (Eg. ABC USA Ltd). This license can be deployed to any number of workstations or servers of the organization, and can be used by any number of employees.

This license is not transferable. If a subsidiary company or location in a different country (Eg. ABC UK Ltd.) want to use the same product, a separate enterprise license for a single organization needs to be purchased.

Enterprise License (GEL)

Ideal for a global organization with multi-office and subsidiaries companies in different parts of the world. This license model helps multinational companies (MNCs) gain significant operational and competitive advantage, reduce costs, and enjoy unrestricted access to our software and support - all for a single fee. A global organization is one that has respective subsidiary companies established in different countries as required by law, for doing business in these countries. Our global enterprise license can be deployed in the parent company, as well as to their global operation offices and subsidiary companies.

For example, this global license allows for deployment of our product within the parent company, say ABC USA Ltd, and also to other subsidiary off-shore companies, say, ABC UK Ltd, ABC India Pvt. Ltd, ABC Australia Pty Ltd. etc.


Country And Global Enterprise License

What do you get with an Enterprise license?


Available in Perpertual license (One-time fee) or Subscription license (recurring Monthly or Yearly fee)


Avail certain features locked in the single user license.


No limitation to the usage scenario - use the product on any number of shared mailboxes or public folders (apart from your primary mailbox, IMAP/POP or local PST folders).


Unlimited users*


Priority support and bug fixes. Support queries are answered within 24 hours.


MSI installer for enterprise wide deployment available upon request


Included 3 years of AssistMyTeam Support and Maintenance Contract.


Free upgrade for 3 years.


Influence over the future version of the product, by requesting generic features

* In Country Enterprise license, 'unlimited users' refer to employees within the organization specific to a country. In Global Enterprise license, 'unlimited users' are the employees of the parent organization, as well as those from any subsidiary companies or locations elsewhere in the world.

The cost of both country and global enterprise licenses differ by products. For more information, refer to the purchase page of the interested products.

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