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It typically takes not more a minute to perform the install and configuration.

With this guide, you would be able to quickly install and easily configure AssistMyTeam File to PDF for Windows in your system, and effortlessly generate PDF documents from files and folders.

Download link: https://www.assistmyteam.net/FileToPDF/download.asp

FileToPDFSetup_x86.zip (for 32-bit Windows)
FileToPDFSetup_x64.zip (for 64-bit Windows)

Extract these file contents to a folder.

The downloaded zip file contains the setup.exe and other supporting documents. Extract these file contents to a file folder.


Before continuing with the installation, don't forget to go through the System Requirements page. For version numbers and changes history, refer to the Version History page.

File to PDF requires ‘Per Machine Installation’, that is, the application will be installed to serve all users of the system (e.g., the files will be installed under Program files folder (similar to Citrix/Terminal Server). Therefore, only those users with administrative rights on the system should perform the installation.

Step 1. Run the FileToPDFSetup_xXX.exe (where xXX is either x86 or x64) to start the installation. Make sure you downloaded the correct setup based on the bit-ness of your Windows OS e.g., 32 bit or 64-bit. Click 'Next' to Continue.

Step 2. Select the appropriate destination folder where the application files will be installed. If you change the default folder path, please make sure you have appropriate permission. (Note: by default, it will be installed under your Program Files folder)


Step 3. Click 'Next' to continue with the files extraction. It just takes a few minutes to complete the whole copying process


Step 4. Click 'Finish’. This ends the files installation process in your system.


Now go to Start Menu > All Apps. If the installation was successful, you will see new menu entry ‘File to PDF for Windows’.

Go to your Windows Explorer. And right-click any files or folders. You should be able to see the four (4) PDF menu options that File to PDF app has added in the context menu. You can quickly output a PDF file of the selected file in the same folder in single click, or use more advanced PDF options with the second option.

You can launch the File to PDF Explorer application to process and convert files and folders to PDF. You can add files and folders to the queue, choose if to generate individual PDF files or one single PDF file, apply watermark, password and other security options as well as choose the location to which the PDF files will be generated.

Click ‘Settings’ button to tweak and customize the PDF output behavior, choose single or multiple PDF merge options, modify the page setup, paper size, layout, watermark, password, security options etc.

For more references and help, refer to the PDF Help Manual, which can be invoke from Start Menu > All Apps > File to PDF for Windows > Help Topics.

You can also download the full PDF help manual directly from this link:


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