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Revision 4.X

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First Published: 10th January 2012

19th July 2012 (Version 4.2)
bullet Added 'New Ticket' button in new email compose window.
bullet Auto-fill the technician column in the Outlook view when an email reply is received and updated to the corresponding ticket in SharePoint.
bullet When incoming email replies to existing ticket contains hyperlinks to other site or files, and when this email gets updated or added to the corresponding ticket item in SharePoint, Issue Tracker may inadvertently truncate chunk of contents of the email. This has been fixed in this update (of 19th July 2012 builds)

15th Feb 2012 (Version 4.2)

bullet Added three (3) 'Reply Templates' under My Options > Reply Templates panel. When you choose a KB article to insert into an email reply, usually, you would need to compose the initial portion of the reply, informing about this KB article and how it can help resolve the issue the sender was facing. With v4.2, we have provided 3 reply templates, such that you need not compose anything, even a single word, to make a personalized reply to the sender with a chosen KB article.

Team Issue Tracker toolbar or ribbon > My Options > Reply Templates

3 reply Templates:
- Reply Email with a KB as file attachment - This template is used when you choose a KB article to be inserted as PDF or XPS or DOC file.
- Reply Email with a KB as inline - This template is used when you choose a KB article to be inserted as inline content directly into the body of the email reply.
- Reply Email with a KB as URL - This template is used when you choose a KB article to be inserted as hyperlink URL into the body of the email reply.

The Email Reply Templates Panel

When you make the reply, the reply template is inserted into the outgoing email, substituting all the placeholder variables that you have inserted into the templates such as KB_SENDER_NAME, KB_ID etc.

bullet Added an option 'Use Reply Template when using KB to reply to an email' under My Options > My Preferences. Checking this option would enable Issue Tracker add-in to use and insert one of the 3 reply templates into the outgoing email.

bullet Bug Fixed: If you have an email that contains any words with the symbol '-' (hypen) and when this hypen is adjacent to a numeric value, Issue Tracker add-in may interpret that numeric value as a a valid ticket ID, and may try to search and update the email to this invalid ticket ID. (E.g., subject of email - 'Printer won't print SFB10-114 [GSE-68]' - here, Issue Tracker add-in may try to update this email to ticket #114, instead of the ticket 68 enclosed in the brackets.)

2nd Feb 2012

bullet Due Date lapse check and notification to the technician/managers based on hours ahead specified by the admin. Check for option under ‘Team Settings menu > Advanced Team Options > Notifications’. Two choice you have – based on current date/time or based on hours ahead of the due date.

bullet Support for comment or note data type for custom fields. Under Custom fields panel, just select ‘Note’ data type from the drop down, and save it.

It would be done available in the mapping panel. You will need to map it to a SharePoint note field. You can create one directly also from the mapping tool.

Save the mappings. And then raise a ticket (either empty of from an email). And in the ‘Custom Fields’ tab, you will find that the custom field with note/comment data type, has a bigger edit area, where you can input your description. You can input upto 32000 characters only.



19th Jan 2012
bullet Added support for Custom Fields that supports different data types and these fields will be available in the Ticket form in Outlook, such that, when you are raising a ticket from an email or phone call, you can fill in the value directly. You can define such custom fields that take the following data types in Issue Tracker Admin Panel.

Supported data types
Currency, Choice, Date/Time, Numeric, Note (Comment), Text, Yes/No

For more, refer to this KB article - http://assistmyteam.net/KB/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=76


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