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Attachment Manager for Outlook

Track incoming emails and automatically strip attachments and instead save them to a file folder to conserve disk space in PST or exchange mailbox. Attachment files are then available as URLs in the corresponding emails.

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1 Folder size remains nearly the same after detaching attachments from emails 397
2 The Attachment Manager toolbar is no longer visible, though it is installed. 2415
3 How to migrate settings and configurations for Attachment Manager from an old system to a new system? 3229
4 Is detaching or re-attaching attachments supported in one go (single click, that is) for all emails of the Outlook folder, like batch processing? 2468
5 Instead of detaching/removing the attachments from an email, I only want to copy and save the attachments to a windows folder. Is that supported? 2284
6 When detaching from emails in the same Outlook folder, say my Inbox, is it possible to specify the destination windows folder for each email, where the detached files will be stored? 2544
7 Can I specify a separate windows folder for each Outlook folder, instead of using one common windows folder? 2525
8 What are the naming schemes that Attachment Manager supports for the detached files? 2687
9 Once attachments are detached to a windows folder, can I reset it and bring all the attachments back to the email, especially when replying or forwarding the email? 3190
10 Is it possible to automate the detaching of attachments from emails? if so, how? 3123
11 How can I set Attachment Manager to selectively ignore certain attachment types, say RTF files, from getting detached? 2482
12 Once attachments are separated from the emails, how will I be able to refer to the attachments from the email, when the need arise? Do I need to go the windows folder where they are stored and search for it? 2399
13 What are the advantages of separating the attachments from emails and storing on a windows folder? 3047