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An add-in for Microsoft® Outlook® that makes it very easy to prepare timesheet and project deliverables in Outlook and publish to a central database.

Personal TimeSheet for Outlook is a time reporting and billing management solution for independent user or freelancer to work, plan and execute project related activities and prepare timesheets in Microsoft Outlook and publish to a central database. It leverages the familiar Outlook calendar and task interface to track time and expenses towards projects, clients or any entity your business requires so that you can generate attendance, payroll, cost estimation or billing related reports.

Highlights: (Latest version: v1.0 released on 2nd April 2018 - release note)


Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook1


Prepare timesheets in Outlook calendar or task and record expenses on projects


Publish timesheets to a SQL Server®, Azure SQL2 or Microsoft® Access® database


Support for revision or withdrawal of timesheet from database via Outlook


Support color coding of Outlook items tagged with projects or activities


Set reporting rules and guidelines, such as minimum work hours, mandatory fields and valid project codes


Deploy Custom Fields for measuring additional project deliverables


Integrated OLAP reporting tool with more than 30 pre-defined reports available


Export reports and statistical data to Excel, PDF, XML, Bitmaps or Web Pages


Included are project specific Outlook views that bring sense to your timesheets


Negligible Training Time, lesser cost


Automated e-mail notifications to project managers


Offline Support - continue on timesheet entry in Outlook, and only report to database when connected to the network.


Simple client install


Support for Office 2016 (32-bit & 64-bit) and Office 365

1 Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
2 SQL Server (all editions). Express edition is also supported. Microsoft Azure SQL and any other cloud based SQL Server database service such as Amazon RDS are also supported.

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30 days trial

Extendable to another
15 days on request

Works with

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Subscription License is valid for the subscribed term only. Technical assistance and upgrades are free for the subscribed term
Perpetual License is valid life-time. However, technical assistance and free upgrades are bound to the validity of the Support and Maintenance Contract

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Purpose of this add-on

Microsoft Outlook, in its original state, lacks a direct and an efficient solution to track time and expense for payroll and billing purposes. This is further aggravated with little support for a centralized management and distribution of company's projects and other metadata. But many workers do some form of timesheet tracking (and often crudely) by capturing the time and other data from appointments and tasks in Outlook and feeding to an external data source manually.

With Personal TimeSheet add-in, these processes are streamlined and automated. You can track, measure work done and prepare timesheets for projects from the comfort of Outlook. Once timesheet in appointments or tasks are prepared in Outlook, you can publish to a network database. With the inbuilt Summary Reports or OLAP Statistical tools (or with a 3rd party reporting solution), you can then use these submitted timesheets for calculating expenses, payroll or billing on projects, clients and resources among others.


Leverage Outlook for timesheet reporting

Personal TimeSheet provides substantially better range of functionality for time reporting than a similar system based on Excel or the web. Leveraging the familiar workflow of Outlook appointments and tasks, it simplifies timesheet creation, submission and tracking, yet offers greater control throughout the time reporting process. With the assurance you are reporting through a regulated system such as Outlook, that promotes accurate, consistent time reporting, you can leverage precise, up-to-date budget and billing reports for project estimation and budgeting.


Who should use it?

Designed to provide a fast return on investment, proven and scalable capabilities make Personal Timesheet, a must have for independent consultants and freelancers that charge by the hour. You will be able to easily calculate the exact hours and expenses to bill your employers.


Outlook calendar with appointments color coded with projects. Ribbon shows the tagged project values ready for publishing to database

Summary reports help managers to keep track of published timesheets over a period of time. Timesheet entries are then aggregated to present a summary view. Supports export to Excel, Text, HTML or XML files.


TimeSheet administrative panel in Outlook - provides you with settings and tools to setup and configure projects and activities, maintain drop down lists, templates, reporting and global settings etc. as well as to generate OLAP statistics and summary reports from published timesheets (from the database).

Learn more...


Project management and timesheet reporting right in your Outlook


Automatic emails notification to managers


Control how you use Outlook for to prepare and report timesheets


Cost and billing calculation


Color coding of Outlook items


Offline Support


Outlook views especially geared for effective timesheet project tracking


Statistics - Reporting, Charting, and Data Analysis


Deploy as many custom fields

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HD Video Demos and TutorialsNew!

Quickly learn how to install, configure and work with Personal TimeSheet and how to get the most out of your support team!


Looking for group timesheet reporting to company's database instead?

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Designed for teams to capture timesheet and project expense in Microsoft Outlook, and publish to a database repository.


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