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Customization Services
If you have an vivid interest in one of our products and want to extend the functionality to include certain wish lists, you can opt for a customized version of the product. You can choose to integrate more of your in-house operations and streamline your business workflows into our existing solutions. The level of customizations is only limited by your imagination!


Customization Rate - hours slab

  Less than or equal to 10 hrs = 60 USD an hour
More than 10 hrs, but less than or equal to 30 hrs =50 USD an hour
Above 30 hrs = 40 USD an hour

Typical procedures involved:

  • Writes to us with detail description on the proposed integration. (include as much information as you can, such as images, screen casts, flowcharts or diagrams)
  • We will respond back within 24-48 hours, on your proposal. If required, We would give you more options and viability on your proposal.
  • Once both parties agree on the final proposal, a formal contract will be send to the customer, with quotation in development hours and an offer, time frame of the proposal and delivery.
  • Once contract is signed, the customer pays up 40% of the payment in advance, and then our development team will initiate the development work.
  • Product (with time limitation) delivery within the schedule date.
  • Customer verifies the functionality of the product. The customer has 14 days to try. Once satisfied, the customer pays up the remaining 60% amount, and we deliver the final product, with no limitation of any kind.
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