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Support & Maintenance Contract - FAQs
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At AssistMyTeam, we're committed to giving you the best support for all the products that we carry and more! That reflects in our offering of one year support and maintenance contract FREE on every purchase of our product. The AssistMyTeam support contract helps you use our products as successfully as possible and address any issues that you encountered during the course of deployment.


Q. What is a maintenance contract and why should I get it?

AssistMyTeam Support and Maintenance Contract includes:


1 year of support to any problems with the product


E-mail/Chat/Telephonic support


Free upgrades to minor and major versions of the product within the period


Remote assistance on your system


Response to your support request from our technical team within 24 hours

Customers are only eligible for these services if they have a valid maintenance contract.


Q. Is a maintenance contract mandatory after it had expired? If I don't renew, would it affect the functionality of the product?

The maintenance contract is optional. When you purchase a license, a year contract is included for free. However, from second to subsequent years, it is recommended that you renew the maintenance contract, so that you get the best out of the product.

In case if you choose not to renew it, your license is still valid and would work without any hitch in the version of the product installed on your system.  PLEASE NOTE, any license you purchased from us, is valid life-time, but on the particular version of the product that was installed on your system. If you maintain the support and maintenance contract, a new license valid for the new version of the product would be automatically emailed to you.


Q. How much does the maintenance contract cost after the first year of free maintenance?

A. The charges for renewal (1 year or more) depends on the product category. For more, refer to the product purchase page.


Q. How do I order to renew my maintenance contract?

Simply visit the product home page, and go to purchase section. Or, if you are not sure, visit the AssistMyTeam Support home page at http://www.assistmyteam.net/Support/

From there you can order a new maintenance contract.


Q. How long after a maintenance contract has expired can I renew it?

There is no deadline to renew maintenance. It is however beneficial for you to renew it before the expiration date or as soon as possible after the old one has expired. Renewals that come in after the maintenance has expired will be backdated to start from the old expiry date. Also, you are only able to get technical support and software maintenance when your support contract is valid.



Q. When renewing the maintenance contract when does the renewal period start?

The renewal maintenance period is always backdated to start from the expiry date of the last maintenance period.



Q. What if I have licenses for two or more products from AssistMyTeam?

For each product, you need to maintain a maintenance contract. So, if you have two licenses for two different products, two parallel maintenance contracts will be needed.


Q. Where can I check whether my maintenance period has expired?

After you have renewed a maintenance contract, you will receive an email about the contract you had purchased. It will also include information on the validity of the contract. For new product purchase, the duration of the maintenance contract is also included in the email that is sent to you with the license key.


Q. If I have an urgent technical support request - will I be able to get support from AssistMyTeam?

When you specify your company by contacting us, our technical support personnel will check that you have a valid maintenance contract. You are only able to get technical support and software maintenance when your support contract is valid.


Q. How can I get software updates to my license?

The software updates are available on the corresponding product home page. We also periodically sent out email notification to licensed users to upgrade to new version, when available.


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