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Listing of all minor/major updates and revisions made on Team Helpdesk System. Click the link of the particular revision to see detail notes.

Version: 8.3  Release Date: 31st January 2019 (Release Note)

Setup details

For 32 bit Outlook:

bullet TeamHelpdeskSPManagerSetup_x86.exe
bullet TeamHelpdeskSPClientSetup_x86.exe


For 64 bit Outlook:

bullet TeamHelpdeskSPManagerSetup_x64.exe
bullet TeamHelpdeskSPClientSetup_x64.exe
Team Helpdesk Agent specific files
bullet AssistMyTeam.TeamHelpdeskSPAgentAddin.dll -


Team Helpdesk Managerial specific files
bullet AssistMyTeam.TeamHelpdeskSPManagerAddin.dll -
bullet (Technicians Web Access)
bullet (Customer Web Service)

Common Libraries/Assemblies:

bullet AssistMyTeam.TeamHelpdeskSPCommon.dll -
bullet AssistMyTeam.TeamHelpdeskSPHelper.exe -
bullet AssistMyTeam.TeamHelpdeskSPOLAP.exe -
bullet AssistMyTeam.TeamHelpdeskSPProcess.exe -
bullet AssistMyTeanLib.dll - 5.19
bullet AssistMyTeamLib64.dll - 5.19
bullet AMTWebEditNET.dll



Previous revisions:
bullet Version: 8.0  Released: 24th April 2017 (Release Note)
bullet Version: 7.0  Released: 30th March 2016 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 6.4  Released: 13th March 2016 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 6.3 Released: 24th December 2015 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 6.2  Released: 14th April 2014 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 6.1 Released: 18th March 2014 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 6.0 Released: 11th November 2013 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 5.3 Released: 10th January 2013 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 5.2 Released: 16th October 2012 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 5.0 Released: 4th June 2012 (Read Release Note)
bullet Version: 4.1 Released: 20th February 2012 (Release Note)
bullet Version: 4.0 Released: 22nd October 2011 (Release Note)
bullet Version: 2.4 Released: 11th July 2011 (Release Note)
bullet Version: 2.2 | Released: 29th April 2011
bullet Version: 2.1 | Released: 7th April 2011
bullet Beta release 1.0 | Released: N/A


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